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Leslie 13th Mar 2019 Activities Assistant

The Magic of Being Silly

I also sing loud and proud during our sing along time (and am not that good !) but it always gets a chuckle from even the serious ones ! And will get other joining in !
Leslie 12th Mar 2019 Activities Assistant

The Magic of Being Silly

Yes, we love the ballon volley with pool noodles ! I had a resident laughing so hard she had tears watching me attempt to use a hand held air pump for the first time ! Took me 20 minutes to blow up 8 balloons!!
Leslie 8th Mar 2019 Activities Assistant

Scarves on Handles - Exercise Activity

I've also done scarf dancing but I love the handle idea !! Thanks
Leslie 2nd Mar 2019 Activities Assistant


Thanks for your suggestions... I try to do "interactive " reading with the folks. It's just amazing how many rhymes they remember. I also had come upon a wealth of information about Mother Goose type rhymes, many thought to be based on actual historical events, people and culture and printed that up as well. Some of the alleged meanings are not childish at all !
Leslie 27th Feb 2019 Activities Assistant


I work on a dementia floor of a nursing home, I will read aloud the old Mother Goose nursery rhymes, many of the folks will recite them with me ! It's awesome seeing and hearing them "remember "....
Leslie 30th May 2018 Activities Assistant


I have a group of ladies who love folding, I have a small basket of pretty hankies and small scarves. Or just give them a pile of towels or extra clothes. Also, large print or kids word finds are popular... and quiet.