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Genaro 17th Aug 2021 Lead Activity Assistant


I’ve been member of Golden Career for over 4 years now. Word games is the most favorite of our members here at Live Well Senior Wellness Center. It creates a lot of brain stimulation for our members who are over 80 & 90 years old. Looking forward for more brain games.
Jun 26th Mar 2019 Lead Activity Assistant

The Magic of Being Silly

Reading a couple or three hilarious short stories to all residents before starting exercises or activities will make them awake and very attentive.
Jun 27th Feb 2019 Lead Activity Assistant

Games We Played as Kids Quiz

This is a very good memory game for our members and I will let them do some of those games right after the quizz, thanks for sharing
Jun 1st Nov 2018 Lead Activity Assistant

Halloween Bingo

This was a great bingo game, we just played it today & everybody loves it!
Thanks for posting it!
Jun 1st Nov 2018 Lead Activity Assistant

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanks a lot for this Thanksgiving Bingo, i'm sure our members will enjoy this game!
Jun 6th Sep 2018 Lead Activity Assistant

Cross-out The Odd Words #3

This was a great mental word activity for seniors. I’m just join Golden Carers last August 8, 2018 and today I started to share it with our 40 senior members & we had a blast of laughter and a lot of exchanging ideas, once they figure out the correct answers I will asked them to use it in a sentence. I hope you will come up more word games related on this.
Much Mahalo,
Jun Cardenas
Lead Activity Assistant
Live Well at Iwilei