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Gina 18th Jun 2020 Leisure And Health

Christmas Pantomime: Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs!

Hi Kara
Sorry for the delay, but like everyone we are all very busy. The songs I used were:
When Snow White is in the garden at the beginning we had "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"
When Snow White first sees the Prince when she is with rabbit. "Baby Face"
The Prince sings 'Oh You Beautiful Doll"
When the dwarfs see Snow White for the first time (when she is cleaning their home). I had the dwarfs behind a screen where the audience could see them poking their heads up spying on Snow white. As she is cleaning the dwarfs start sings a few lines of "Sadie the Cleaning Lady". Snow White turns to the audience and says "Do I look like Sadie the cleaning lady. I am snow White". The dwarfs in turn say sorry! sorry. It was a hoot the audience love it. Our Finale was the 'Twelve Days of Christmas. The songs we chose were familiar to our residents which drew them into the panto. In the end we had eight dwarfs. Good luck. If I can help with anything else please let me know.
Gina 31st Dec 2019 Leisure And Health

Christmas Pantomime: Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs!

We performed 'Snow 'White and the Maybe Seven Dwarfs" with resounding success. Our facility had never had a pantomime performed before, and the residents, staff, family and friends really enjoyed it. There was so much laughter and audience participation the wonderful cast forgot their lines on occasion, add libbing which added to the fun. We printed programs for everyone then handed them out on arrival to enhance the theatre experience. It included photos of the staff and their roll in the panto. It also had the words to the songs we chose which was more suitable for our residents.
As you can see by the title we changed a few things ( we ended up with eight dwarfs as more staff wanted to be part of the fun) including parts of the dialogue which worked well.
Thank you Golden Carers for all that you do to inspire and motivate us to try something different and fun.
Gina 28th Jun 2018 Leisure And Health


Hello This initiative is fantastic and would benefit the residents in the facility where I work. What better than receiving mail from oversees and a great talking point with other residents.
We are situated in North West coast of Tasmania Australia so If anyone would like to contact me.
My email
[email protected]