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Ellen 25th Feb 2021 Activity Director


We put out a request for prizes in our monthly agency newsletter to the community with ideas of what we need. We go to the Salvation Army and or Goodwill retail shops an buy big bags filled with stuffed animals for 2.00. We also have suggested a donation at Christmas time as families would like to do something for the residents. With that money we purchase postage stamps and put them with a greeting card for them to mail and purchase individual size chips that they do not get here as a part of their meals like Cheetos flaming hot and other hot chips or some that they request. We also get the little cans of pop and hostess pies. Sometimes we cut up fruits and put them into fancy plastic cups and cover them with a little spoon on the side. Everybody loves bingo. We do it twice per week.
Ellen 19th Feb 2021 Activity Director


We use a graph for attendance tracking. One for each community. I have put codes at the bottom like BC for book club. There is room for two or three in each little square. In the memory care areas the direct support staff fill them out the same way. Sometimes they put S for sleeping and that is all for the whole day. I did contact the Health Care association to make sure that we really do need to keep attendance on each person each day. They said surveyors can ask for it. I have worked for this facility in activities for eleven years. In that period the state requested to see them once. It seems likes a poor job of reporting what really went on for the day. I checked out your computer program. We use Point Click Care for all charting so this would just be one more thing. Anyone else in this situation?