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Activities Director From Massachusetts, United States

About Phyllis: I've been the Director of Activities at Life Care in W. Bridgewater, which is a town south of Boston, for 6 years now. It's the best job I've had due to the creative freedom we have to make it fun. Feel free to reach out for an exchange of ideas.

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Phyllis 10th Jan 2023 Activities Director

Create your own Word Search!

wow this is an amzing tool right here that is worth the annual subscriptin rate alone! Thank you so much for this !
Phyllis from Boston
Phyllis 20th Apr 2022 Activities Director

Theme Inspiration For National Nursing Home Week

Thank you for those great ideas! We have decided to go with the following themes:
Monday: Connecting with Art & Music. (Musicians coming, painting activities, moving to music, Draw your own picasso, etc)
Tuesday: Connecting with memories (Doing flower arrangements, having a tea party and remembering the lost art of making tea sandwiches)
Wednesday: Connecting with nature (garden club, preparing garden boxes, bird watching, watch Planet earth Movie)
Thursday: Making New Neural Connections by learning new! (have all new activities/gaes today, also live music with new person,
Friday: Making Connections with each other (having an open mic where residents , staff, families, everyone invited to do something - tell story, tell joke, sing, play instrument, demonstrate something, etc)

I am still filling in details and ideas for all time slots...but this is main idea. Good luck everyone! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and ready to go downloadable materials. I love this site!!

Phyllis from south of Boston, MA