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Activities Coordinator From Florida, United States

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Mercedes 24th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator

Memorial Day Posters

I am so excited about the wide variety of activities I get to choose from month after month. I am especially grateful for the weekly dementia calendar.
Thank you Golden Carers !!
Mercedes 17th Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator

St Patrick's Day Poster

I am eternally grateful to Golden Carers for all the wonderful activity ideas they provide for us, month after month. The instructions are usually clear and easily understood. the best part is that our participants as well as staff enjoy these activities. Again, thank you so very much!!!
Mercedes 31st Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator

Songs for Seniors Quiz

What an amazing idea! I can't to see the smiles on my participants faces when we do this activity. Thank you so much!!!
Mercedes 31st Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

This is so beautiful! Can't wait to share it with my group. Thank you!
Mercedes 26th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

Paper Gratitude Tree

I am so grateful for Golden Carers. could not do without it. Thank you so much!!!
Mercedes 18th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator

Hugging Day Voucher

I do love the variety of fun activities offered by Golden Carers. The instructions given for the activities are clear, simple, and easy to follow. I am so happy that I chose this site. Thank you, Golden Carers!
Mercedes 25th Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator

Dreidel Game

Golden Carers is a huge blessing to me. I am able to finish my calendar in a fraction of the time. This frees me up to concentrate on other projects I have to work on for the month. I love the variety of activities that the site offers. Our participants and staff enjoy them a lot.
Thank you so, so much Golden Carers !!!
Mercedes 24th Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator

Mozart's Birthday Creative Art Project

I love this site. Golden Carers provides a wonderful variety of activities ideas which can be used used throughout the year. I love the fact that you can put your spin on some of these activities as well. Thank you so much Golden Carers.
Mercedes 31st Jul 2018 Activities Coordinator

Famous and Infamous left-handers

I so grateful for this site. My clients enjoy the activities. I like the wide variety. Golden carers has made my life much easier. Thank you so much!