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Recreational Assistant From Pennsylvania, United States

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Kay 10th Feb 2021 Recreational Assistant

Diners Club

Another Team member and myself do a Culture, Customs and Cuisine program. He shares a little history/trivia about the country or Us State/region and shows a short YouTube (Expoza) video. I provide a beverage and/or snack from the area along with some info about their cuisine. I get trivia and food ideas from GoldenCarers or the internet. We have about 30 in attendance pre COVID. We have around 67 assisted living residents . They love it.!!
Kay 4th Mar 2019 Recreational Assistant

Ladies Discussion Group

-We have a program on Friday at 10:30am called 'Snack and Chat' We provide a morning snack and cold/hot beverage. We usually have 2-3 topics and we go around the room asking each resident to share.
- On Mondays at 10:30am we have 'Small Bites'. I have a different recipe every Monday, do all the prep work of the food and the residents help to incorporate it all and when it is done, we eat and serve assorted beverages. On this day, I try to incorporate unfamiliar flavors/Cuisines (Thai, Greek, Japanese, Mexican etc...). Working in a small Assisted Living facility in Pennsylvania, majority of everyone was born and raised here, they are accustomed to Pennsylvania Dutch style food. I will usually highlight the country and talk about the flavors etc...
-On Thurs. we have 'Creative Cooking'. The residents assist from start to finish. We eat and have beverages and talk/ reminiscence about our past cooking experiences etc...