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Activities Assistant From California, United States

About Laurie: 4 months ago began working in Activities. Love my job. Love Seniors.
I am a recently single mom of 3 living in the Tacoma Washington area of USA.

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Laurie 10th Jul 2018 Activities Assistant

Whiteboard Word Association Game

I play a similar game. It's actually a game my children grew up loving called Scattergories. We roll a die that has letters of the alphabet on it and then there are lists of items that must all start with the letter rolled. My residents love it. For example. Letter D is rolled. Items that must start with the letter. Boys name, something in a refrigerator, place to go on a date, fruit, university etc. Each person has to come up with a different answer and you can't use the same answer twice.
Laurie 6th Jul 2018 Activities Assistant


Before each activity I remind the residents that we all have different issues. I say some people are hard of hearing, some people have vision problems, some have fine motor or gross motor problems and some have problems with their memory. And all of us deserve to be respected and allowed to participate. I thank them in advance for their kindness and patience.