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Sharon 4th Aug 2021 Activities Director


This is my go to site. I have looked at the others, but Golden Carers has a sense of fun and
creativity that makes the activities we do enjoyable for all. They are adaptable for all levels .
We did the Olympic Day and had a blast. Everyone got up and participated !!! Thank you.
Sharon 29th May 2021 Activities Director

Finish the Melodies

We did this at our Friday social and the smiles on peoples faces told the whole story. I played this using my iPad to play each song. The power of music is astonishing. We sang, talked about our favorite songs and singers, everyone kept the beat, many sang along! Thank you
Sharon 16th Jul 2020 Activities Director

Chocolate Holiday Trees

It can also be an in room activity if your residents have to quarantine
Sharon 28th May 2020 Activities Director

13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Yesterday we sat on the porch and did Golden Carers Activities. We learned we laughed we watched the chipmunks run by. Thank you
Sharon 29th Apr 2020 Activities Director

Word Ladder #3

I am so glad to have Golden Carers to help provide my residents with great activities during this time. We do exercise and Trivia for 2 hours everyday, and we all love it
Sharon 1st Apr 2020 Activities Director

Flowering Tree Drawing

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Corona Virus: Look out the window flowering tree drawing
Sharon 20th Mar 2020 Activities Director

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for the Elderly

We have been doing this 5 -6 days a weeks for about 10 minutes a day after exercise.
I hope that everyone looks forward to it as much as I do, but they all do it and thats so great.
Sharon 11th Dec 2019 Activities Director

Chocolate Holiday Trees

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Chocolate Holiday Trees
Sharon 20th Nov 2019 Activities Director


I plan lunch out at a local restaurant with our assisted living residents usually once a month. I call the restaurant to let them know we are coming beforehand. We also go shopping to the drug store and the supermarket once a week. I usually take 3-4 residents , depending on their ability to get around, and how well they are able to remember where the car is etc. If someone has memory issues or needSc a wheelchair or walker I make sure to stay with that person. The other residents will need to be able to shop by themselves. Start with just 1 or 2 people and see how that goes before you take a group.
My memory care residents stay on our property, and we are very careful that they will be able to walk to the destination. It helps to have a second activities person or an aid if you take more than one person at a time.

Sharon 16th Oct 2019 Activities Director


Your ideas are always pretty great. Yesterday I tried a version of the Eco-Map with one of my quietest residents, and she told me all kinds of things about her life. We talked for almost an hour and we have a date to talk more. Thanks this was a real help