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House Wife From Scotland, United Kingdom

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Gillian 15th Aug 2022 House Wife

Beach Reminiscing

I love this site, and I am very grateful for all the activities.
I have found them to be so helpful. Thank you so very much

Gillian Bull
Voluntary worker.
Gillian 22nd Mar 2021 House Wife

Creative Thinking Exercises

I love this site. Thank you so much for providing such great activities!!
Gillian 11th Nov 2019 House Wife

Christmas Poster #2

Brilliant ideas, Golden Carers thank you so much for making our life easier, and for providing such great activities for our "Young at Heart" social group. Ye are amazing!!!
Gillian 30th Sep 2019 House Wife

Anagram Quiz

Looking forward to trying this with our group- thank you
Gillian 29th Apr 2019 House Wife

4 Amusing Senior Stories

I love this site. The activities are amazing, and such a blessing to our group members. Thank you so much.
Gillian 14th Mar 2019 House Wife

Spring Crossword

I am so grateful for all the activities I have had access to from Golden Carers, I love them they are such a great resource to me. Thank you so much Golden Carers.
Gillian 27th Dec 2018 House Wife

8 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer in Nursing Homes

Thank you, I love your ideas they are such a blessing for those we care for.

Gillian 16th Aug 2018 House Wife

Noodle Ball

This activity sounds great we shall have to try it out in our group. Thank you!!
Gillian 25th May 2018 House Wife

Cars Quiz, Trivia and Word Search

This car quiz is excellent!!! just what I have been looking for, thank you so much.