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Ray 13th Mar 2019 Activities Director


I was so excited to see your new Dementia Bingo's! I work in dementia care and the three across and three down are perfect for my residents. I used your Valentine Dementia Bingo and am getting ready to print off your St. Patrick's Day Dementia Bingo for later this week. The three across, three down creates just the right pace for the bingo game, is much easier for my residents to follow, and lots of opportunity for them to win prizes. Many of my residents have difficulty following so it is manageable for me to help them watch their cards. I noticed that the traditional bingo games were so long, the residents were losing interest, and because it took so long for someone to win, not many residents would leave the game a winner. The four across, four down are a little too busy still for my dementia residents so your Dementia Bingo is a real winner!!