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Barb 26th Apr 2019 PCA

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Sue, I had found an exercise site on the internet which we would put onto a big TV screen. The lady used paper plates. We also have stretch bands which we just make up our own routine with. You can't have the music too fast or the residents do not like it but with a slow beat, they get the motion they need and everyone is more happy about attending class every day
Barb 23rd Sep 2018 PCA

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Excercise is such a great thing. i have my usual participates but try to get the residents out that sit in their rooms too much. Gotta make it interesting. Like the idea of frisbees. We use balls and have done paper plates and rubber bands. We always follow with a drink and then activity. That's why I Love this site. Have used so many things off here and the possibilities are endless. Thank You !!!
Barb 3rd Jun 2018 PCA

Words in Words Game

I've been playing this game for yrs with my residents. We call it search a word. And usually use sayings, like Beautiful Spring Day or Memorial Day Today... Resident love covering the board
with words. I also started a game where we just make words. I give the first 3 letters like cha or shi and they make word in a row down on board. Usually 5-6 each. Chair, chalk, chase etc The Next row down chi or Che .. They love this. Says it get them thinking and most can come up with words. Then I'll go harder with whi words whe, wha etc
Barb 1st Jun 2018 PCA


Okay, I just signed on for goldencarers and I haven't stopped printing up activities. I work as a PCA in assisted living facility and have done the calender for 9 yrs. We , the staff, do all our activities. So excited about this . I, like others have been running out of new ideas. And it's my job to keep the residents coming out to join in. The newsletter sounds Great as well... So glad I came across your program