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Toni 30th Jun 2020 Activites Assisiant

Jokes - Children's Thoughts

what a giggle thank you
Toni 24th Jun 2020 Activites Assisiant


Awsome stuff Sarah Congratulations.
Toni 14th May 2020 Activites Assisiant


Hi All,
I was wondering for those in New Zealand how would you focus on Matariki?
Our manager would us to focus on it but i dont really know a lot about it .any ideas welcome Thanks ,
Toni 9th Jun 2019 Activites Assisiant


I have been looking for a sit dance gentle exercise program, i have clicked the link and see its out of stock. Any ideas when you will be getting new stock or any other options Please ?
Toni 19th May 2019 Activites Assisiant


Anyone have any ideas on what can done to showcase Matariki please, totally stuck on this one as its new to me .