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RACHAEL 10th Jun 2019 Enliven Host

Short Story Jokes #1

Great stories, my groups loved them. Any more to come?
RACHAEL 26th Mar 2019 Enliven Host

15 Sensory Activities for Late Stage Alzheimer's

Well done to all you people out there looking after these people. Amazing sharing your ideas and what works for you and your clients. Keep up the fabulous work, and thank you all for sharing.
RACHAEL 19th Oct 2018 Enliven Host

Summer Anagram

Every Wednesday I have a group of elderly come to my home for the day. We have morning tea, then while I prepare lunch I give them 'Brain Gym', which I print off from this site.
I just took 2wks off to spend with my grandchildren and when I had my group they all said they so missed the 'Brain Gym' and the lunch of course.

So THANK YOU for this helpful site, it does make our life simpler and exercise the brain.

Cheers Rachael