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Tamara 5th Aug 2022 Activities Manager

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: International beer day
Tamara 14th Jul 2021 Activities Manager


Hi Everyone,

Christina & I would love some ideas on how to run a successful Dementia Café. We would like a name that is fun, and catchy - so any ideas welcome.

We are very keen to hear what ideas you have.

Kind Regards
Tamara 20th Apr 2021 Activities Manager

Armchair Travel to India

Good morning All,

I’d like to Travel to SouthAfrica and wondered whether there eas any material I ups use for this as part of the Arm Chair Travels??
Tamara 26th Mar 2021 Activities Manager


Hi all,
I have a resident who have advanced dementia. Is always moving furniture and wanting to pick up wood etc.... he was a carpenter for many years so I wondered if there were any ideas from you all on how to build a work station that he could use for building blocks etc.... any resources would be greatly appreciated
Tamara 4th Oct 2018 Activities Manager

This Day in History for Seniors: November

I cannot tell you how much I benefit from this website. I truly amazes me!