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Activities Officer From Queensland, Australia

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Lorraine 27th Jul 2019 Activities Officer


Great interest for the PenPal activity. My e-mail is [email protected]
Lorraine 6th Jul 2019 Activities Officer


Leslie that would be a great idea for us all to join together. I will chat with our residents and find out who would be interested in doing this and how many. Thank you for your response I think they would love it.
Lorraine 22nd Jun 2019 Activities Officer


Hi my name is Lorraine and I'm an activities officer in an age care facility in QLD Australia. I would love to know if anyone is interested in starting up pen pals? Our residents love writing letters and I think it would be great, especially the residents who don't enjoy joining in activities. I would love to hear from you if you would be interested in starting this activity. Thank you in advance.
Lorraine 19th Mar 2019 Activities Officer

Irish Carpet Bowls

Being Irish and working as an activities officer on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia we played this game on St Patricks Day and it was just the best laugh. I had 6 red rooster potatoes and 6 white potatoes so that was our teams. I had little Irish flags on sticks that I got in a cheap charlie shop as trophy's for the winners of the two teams and then I used the little plastic cups that their tablets are given in and filled them with green lime cordial and we all had a toast. It was a fantastic game thank you so much for the idea, Lorraine
Lorraine 19th Mar 2019 Activities Officer


I think that is a great idea and will ask my residents if they would be interested. I am in an Age Care Facility on the Sunshine Coast. My email address is [email protected]