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Debbylynn 12th Apr 2019 Activity Assistant

Solve the Riddles #2

thank you for the Find The Middle Word that Links the other two. the Anagrams. the Words that Begin With.....puzzles They are All Hits with my Residents!!! you Help me sooo much Every Day!!!
Debbylynn 25th Mar 2019 Activity Assistant

'A' My Name Is...

Thank you for the A my name is idea Game, Can't wait to use it tomorrow!Debbylynn
Debbylynn 14th Jan 2019 Activity Assistant

15 Activities for Loners and Introverts in Senior Care

couldn't agree with you more on some people like to be alone and like themselves , Lesley taylor. not everybody wants to hang with the group
Debbylynn 9th Sep 2018 Activity Assistant

Animal Jokes

Thank you for the animal jokes this month, my residents LAUGHED at every one I read to them!