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Lifestyle Assistant (in Training) From South Australia, Australia

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Lauren 5th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Assistant (in Training)


SitDance is what my lifestyle supervisor uses (I'm on placement right now). I have bought the Smile and Sway DVD, which looks very good, but I haven't actually seen it yet!
Lauren 14th Jul 2018 Lifestyle Assistant (in Training)


Hi Solange
Thank you so much for your comment and great advice!
I actually got two offers of placement during the week and I'm happy to be starting one on Monday!
I pretty much did exactly what you said, before I had even read your comment, so great minds must think alike!
Thanks again
Lauren 8th Jul 2018 Lifestyle Assistant (in Training)


Hello all!
I'm in Adelaide and looking to do a 120 hour placement for my Cert IV in Leisure and Health, which I have studied though the Aust Medical Association. Would anyone have any suggestions of who might take me?
I already do lifestyle cover shifts in my current workplace (I'm a carer) and I really enjoy it! I'm hoping to do my placement as soon as possible so I can get started doing lifestyle on a regular basis.