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Lee 31st Jan 2024 Manager

Short Story: The Hauntings of New Orleans


I love this site it really inspires me! but also I would like to share some of our activities!
We have the Occulus which we take our members on a virtual reality tour to any where in the world they would have maybe visited, were they went on honeymoon or just some where they wished they could have visited, the engagement is so emotional. For the last six years we have been engaging with our members Fur real friends, cats, dogs monkeys, parrots its amazing.
Also we fund raised £6,500 pounds to get an interactive projector which has 88 different apps which are motion activated, even our members who are locked in their own body and can only move their head can engage by adding a headband with an old fashioned torch can engage. But also I'm a celebrity get me out of here! a few Australian hats and a few Urrrghh things feom the kitchen can make it fun. We will update next month on some amazing things we are doing.
Lee McCormick
Day Centre Manager.