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Carol 1st Jun 2019

9 Ways to Encourage Participation in Art Activities

I love art. I volunteer in a day facility and for the last year I have been using different types of art to encourage participants. I always stress there is no wrong way to do art. About 6 months ago we had an informal art show. A couple were 'from scratch' but most were from coloring book or individual prints. Some were prints from your website. All work was matted and displayed. We have 2 different area and so we displayed half in each area for a week and then switched. Everyone was delighted.
Last week we had a Car Show. I have 2 coloring books of vintage cars and trucks and participants chose from these pictures and put their names on the back. I then mounted them on trifold display boards and put a letter on each picture and we had Viewers Choice awards. I use Hot Wheel cars mounted on napkin rings for trophies. Very well received.
Carol 27th Feb 2019

10 Ways to Embrace Cultural Diversity in Your Workplace

As a volunteer I am on my own to create my own craft/ activity agenda and I have been planing to include a different country/ culture at least once a month using some of the information off your site. I have already used a few ideas with good response. I love the artist feature and have printed off some of the pictures for clients for color or paint and we talk about the artist. Never too old to learn something new. Thanks for the motivation to get going on my monthly plan.
Carol 26th Feb 2019

What goes in here?

Love the idea. Many of our members are from a farming background so what is in the barn, implement shed, garden shed, etc. Also especially for the men, what is in the garage, workshop, and so on. The list is endless. Thanks for the idea.
Carol 27th Dec 2018

Peanut Auction

We did this activity as a silent activity as not all out clients speak English. We used poker chips as money. Most of our items were donated. I had talked to some of the participants before as to what they would like and several mentioned needlework kits even ones started. Our local Rescue Mission had several for a little bit of money and 2 were donated. Other big hits was were jars of sugar free candy and fleece lap blankets which were donated. The participants enjoyed it so much and can't wait to do it again. Keep the great ideas coming!
Carol 18th Oct 2018


Ours is a day center and we have calendars on the bulletin boards . We recently added a white board on the serving counter with actives of the day and time.
Carol 19th Aug 2018

Cover the Number - Dice Game

I am a new member and see I am not alone in my appreciation for this site. As a volunteer I am pretty much on my own to find new ideas for our friends. I commented earlier on the Cover the Number game and thought I would add another comment in general. Many of the clients I work with have some form of memory loss so it is important they continue to make as many choices for themselves as possible. We needed more dice I went to Amazon and ordered a package of 100 dice in 10 different colors. Now everyone gets to choose the color to use for any dice game they are playing. For those who have a hard time making a choice I give them a choice of two colors. Keep up the great work!
Carol 15th Aug 2018

Cover the Number - Dice Game

I am a volunteer in a day facility and we tried this game out today. We did one person at a time and they were helping each other out and had a great time. We did laminate the sheets and each person had their own dice. Thanks for the game.