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Heather 8th Sep 2019 Diversions Therapist

Sundowning: Symptoms, triggers & strategies

I have just found these helpful ideas for late stage dementia. I have been looking for so long for help in this area. I work in a dementia wing, in a large activity room on my own with anywhere between 10 and 20 people each day. I am unable to leave this room due to the risk of residents falling. This is very difficult sometimes as the residents will wander and I have to try to accommodate for all forms of behaviour in the room. I am aware that I can’t provide for everyone all the time but it is hard to give my time to one person with so many others needing help. I have been in this job for 12 years and have days where I just run out of ideas to help my residents. I have found this article to be very helpful and it has given me hope of at least improving some of my days and the days of my residents. I thank you very much for your ideas.
Heather 23rd May 2019 Diversions Therapist

Tie & Bow-tie Decorations

Thank you for these great ideas for Fathers Day. I am always thinking/ looking for something for the men to do on this day. This year Fathers Day will be special. Thank you for your help.
Heather 20th Apr 2019 Diversions Therapist


I hear what you are saying,
It seems to be the norm in this job.
Just do what you can, and leave what you can’t. Remember you are one person, I try to prioritise my day, then give the best quality time to who I can. I have found working in a good team of care staff helps. Their job is not easy also, I try to help them when I can and in return they try to help me. This will only work with good staff, not all are willing to return the help. Can’t offer any suggestions with management, I have been here for 11 years and nothing ever changes, except the level of effort that is expected continues to climb, while the level of support falls.
You are not on your own.
Heather 12th Feb 2019 Diversions Therapist

International Radio Facts & Trivia

I love your quiz activities, I am always looking for a new quiz as our residents love them, it can be hard to keep up with them. I know I can always find something on G. C.
Thank you so much for your help