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Fran 31st Jul 2021 Life Enrichment Department


We have an ice cream testing scheduled. We are making our own ice cream. I plan on them having taste of a cheap ice cream, a mid priced & expensive price ice cream. then ask about the homemade ice cream. We did this with chocolate & opinions varied, but it was not over whelming with respect to the expensive chocolate. trying to do this with seasonal items. example did prep of cucumbers, variety of apples & peaches. it always then wraps back to their own cooking preps!

Fran 12th May 2020 Life Enrichment Department


Love the COVID 19 activities. The Bunker Bingo and Isolation Scavenger Hunt are great to use now as well as later. Love the Horse Racing and can adapt that for sporting games and use as group of four competitions
Cindy 6th May 2020 Life Enrichment Department


We are the Smile Squad. We dress up our cart to our theme and go door to door. We take a Wednesday afternoon and it takes about 2 hours to hit every resident. We were the IRS on April 15th. Had hats, badges, made goodie bags with money and gold wrapped candy. We called it the residents stimulus return. We decorated the cart with money, tax forms. We made a May pole and danced. We did an Easter Parade Cart and sang the song, Easter Parade. The residents all sang along. They all love the Wednesday afternoon!
We started FaceTIme and Chats from Facebook. We have connected about 1/3 of residents and families through that.
Live streaming church services
Expanded our exercise to include stretching.
Sometimes we just fly by the seat of our pants.
good luck to everyone.
Cindy 26th Sep 2019 Life Enrichment Department


Good Afternoon!
I work in a Senior Living Community in Illinois, outside of St Louis.  I am looking for a sister community to correspond with.  I would love to have penpals with my seniors. Any suggestions