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Activities Co Ordinator From England, United Kingdom

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Susan 26th Mar 2021 Activities Co Ordinator

Easter Sunday Posters

Tried to print the Easter posters o a few times but they won’t print
Susan 10th Oct 2019 Activities Co Ordinator


Hi Lorraine my residents would love pen pals from Australia, one of the residents have a son who lives there.
Susan 24th Sep 2019 Activities Co Ordinator


Hi I am a Activities co-ordinator in the UK my residents would love to have pen pals over in Australia
Susan 24th Sep 2019 Activities Co Ordinator


Hi I am a activities co- ordinator in a 37 bed care home most have various stages of dementia, I have 1 particular resident who is deaf and the only communication is by writing things down for her, recently she has been depressed because she can’t speak to anyone. I have tried all sorts to get her to join in with the activities but she refuses, I buy her a good selection of magazines because she loves to read I go through the magazines with her I give her facials manicures and do famous faces but I am really struggling had to what to do next. Has anyone any suggestions.
Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activities Co Ordinator

Valentine's Day Poster #2

Tried to print the valentines posters off but no success anyone else having the same problem.