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Diane 12th Jan 2021 Activity Coordinator


Hi I haven’t done what you are describing but I have had scavenger boxes on walls with mostly tactile stuff objects I them so residents could help themselves to what they wanted Mabye not so good for cross contamination but idea for when activity’s return to normal
Diane 2nd Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator

Christmas Ornament Keepsakes

What a fab idea for residents to give to loved ones at Christmas a lovely personal touch. I will definitely try this nearer to Christmas thanks golden Carers
Diane 15th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator


Thanks for reply and being so positive and words of encouragement
Diane 6th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator


Hi Everyone I have worked as a activity coordinator for 11 months now but lately I have been feeling quite disheartened as the management has changed where I work and I feel that every activity I do is being scrutinised and there are a number of residents who don’t want to take part