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Activity Coordinator For Older People From Guernsey, Guernsey

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Pamela 9th Jul 2021 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Fish Facts & Trivia

Today I renewed my subscription . This is my third year using golden carers . Can’t do my job without all the fantastic ideas you have and the clients at the day centre where I work get so much enjoyment , fulfilment and fun from what I use at your amazing site . Keep up the great work
Many thanks
Pamela 27th Jan 2021 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Smart & Humorous One-Liners

This site is my lifeline for work especially now as I need to reach out to so many isolated at home , keeping them happy and stimulated. Many thanks and keep up your wonderful ideas
Pamela 11th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Indigenous Australian Dot Paintings

Many thanks for your continued variety of activities available . I write a weekly newsletter and include , birthdays of clients , the weather , a wordsearch or quiz and short humorous stories or poems , they all go down well . I also add if any visitors are coming to the centre and what activities are offered each day for them to have a go at . We have children from a local preschool and school children who do activities with the older generation . There are so many things to do and thanks to golden careers I can plan ahead and make informative and interesting letters each week
Pamela 30th May 2019 Activity Coordinator For Older People

8 Ways to Provide Armchair Travel Experiences

I did a project with the day visitors. They all wrote on a footprint template a place they had visited in the world. I put up a huge map of the world and added their footprints appropriately. They were then asked who they went with ,what they did , where they stayed what they ate , wore .etc. With lots of prompting . It was a very interesting topic and everyone learnt from each other.
Pamela 30th May 2019 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Film Quiz

I continue to enjoy and use all the fabulous ideas from the site. Many thanks
Pamela 27th Nov 2018 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Nicknames of Countries Around the World

Hi , just renewed my membership for next year . Couldn't be without the brilliant info and activities you supply to do my job with satisfaction . Keep up the good work all those who think up all the amazing info . Many thanks
Pamela 31st Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Rhyming Riddles 6

I am so pleased I joined golden carers . The resources are brilliant and made my job easier, more fun and so much more interesting . I work at a day centre for the elderly and they love all the ideas . Thank you