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Terrie 5th May 2020 Activity Director


I prefer "physical distancing" better. I feel like it makes more sense than "social distancing".
I hope I can remember to use that term myself.
Thank you for such a great suggestion!
Terrie 30th Apr 2020 Activity Director


I just love this website. I feel like everytime I get on here, I stay on forever. I am always finding something new to try out on our residents.
Thank you!
Terrie 23rd Apr 2020 Activity Director

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

Very nice! We are going to try it.
Terrie 17th Apr 2020 Activity Director

30 Spiritual Activity Ideas

Thank you for the Spiritual Ideas. We have Televised Mass on Sundays that the Residents can watch while in their rooms. I did realize we have nothing to speak of for the other denominations. However we have DVDs that we can play and send to resident TVs that I plan to start doing. I do want to try to incorporate some of the ideas that you have mentioned. Thank you so much for these. I love this site!
Terrie 7th Apr 2020 Activity Director

Short Easy Exercise Routine

This sounds fun. We're going to give it a try. I'm sure our residents will love it!
Terrie 23rd Oct 2019 Activity Director

Air Swimming Fish

I have bought this fish and it's quite fun and the residents really enjoy it. I have a special needs volunteer who enjoys taking the fish out in the halls too. It's worth the expense.
Terrie 2nd Jul 2019 Activity Director

The Envelope Game

My residents love playing the Envelope Game!
Terrie 25th Apr 2019 Activity Director


We have also been told that we cannot show movies. We use YouTube for various videos now. Its sad. I argued about this being their home. As long as its not on the calendar.....
Terrie 26th Mar 2019 Activity Director

Real Estate Guess the Asking Price Game

We played this one and it was a big hit!
Terrie 22nd Feb 2019 Activity Director

Something Someone Somewhere

I have to try this one!
Truthfully, I try many of the activities on here.
I love this website!