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Sherri 9th Nov 2018 Activity Assistant


Hi Molly. Yes, this is a read aloud program. Both of these ladies were non-verbal. One with Alzheimer's maybe stage 3 and the other, light dementia, but is aware of her surroundings. She had no spoken to anyone in so long. She would sit in her geri-chair, mouth wide open and either stare into space or sleep. I would feed her at lunch time and I would just talk with her about everyday things you would your spouse or children. One day, I asked her (not expecting an answer), would you like for me to read to you? She looked directly into my eyes and said, "Why yes! I would love that"! Yep, she got me hook line and sinker! I read to her as much as I possibly can and Saturday, I am taking her and a few residents (that don't ever get out to do anything, like going to Walmart and such) out on the bus for a one hour leaf looking tour. I hope to implement my program into local nursing homes and perhaps even larger!
I do ask them questions during the reading and after and I most of the time will get some type of answer, but they love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books!
Sherri 8th Nov 2018 Activity Assistant


I would be interested. I am at a facility with 150 residents with an 85% population of dementia. I have some residents that are able to communicate and would love to do this! Please send me the information. Email is fine as I might see the email first.
[email protected]
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sherri 8th Nov 2018 Activity Assistant


Hello Golden Carers Members. I love the site. I have used many suggested activities.
I am reaching out for some help. I am writing my Capstone Project and will graduate in December with my Master's in Gerontology. My subject is called The Reading Circle. It is plain and simple as I take 4 residents once a week who are somewhere between completely shut down, to a person who doesn't speak to anyone but myself. This has been the absolute best possible thing I could have done for these residents.
I would like to know if someone could give me ideas for a new name for my project. My professor has told me, it is not professional enough. So if anyone would like to throw out a few examples, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!
Sherri 17th Oct 2018 Activity Assistant

Sip and Paint

What type of clip art would be best? I have Beginner Crafts (low functioning) and Advanced Crafts (high functioning) Any ideas?