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Mary 17th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator


Does anyone have ideas for a morning activity other than exercise? We do exercise, parachute time, balloon volleyball.
Thank you
Mary 10th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator

Egg Carton Bingo

I would like a photo of Egg Bingo.
Thank you
Mary 21st Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator

The Vicar's Cat

My residents love this game! They were very creative! Thank you Golden Carers..
Mary 21st Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator

Air Drying Clay: Flower Pot Project

We are making planters using tin cans! Will send picture when finished
Mary 1st Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator

Egg Carton Bingo

This souds great! I'm going to try try this and I will let you know the out come!! :)