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AJ 6th May 2020 Activity Director

Armchair Travel to Turkey

Thank you so much! I am putting this together for a 1:1 for one of my people who is from Turkey!
AJ 31st Mar 2020 Activity Director

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Thanks for the reminders. I think most of us are caregivers by nature and forget to take care of ourselves!
I would say the biggest thing for me is having several FaceBook groups that are supportive, giving each other ideas and lets us know that we ARE NOT ALONE. Its great to see the Activity Professionals supporting each other during this difficult time.
Thank you Golden Carers for all you do for our peeps!
Peace and health from California!
AJ 17th May 2019 Activity Director

The Health Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Yes, the days of "activities as a party atmosphere all day everyday" are so outdated. We have leisure reading, at 2:30 everyday where residents can come in browse newspaper, magazines, do a word search puzzle, etc. 3x a week (during the winter months) we have coffee cafe where it is a coffee house atmosphere, light music in the back ground, coffee/tea/hot apple cider are served. Things dont always have to be loud, bright and in motion to be an activity!
AJ 14th Mar 2019 Activity Director

Movies for St Patrick’s Day

There are some other great movies too that aren't necessarily St. Paddys specific but take place in Ireland. Good to keep the theme going!
A few oldies "My Wild Irish Rose" and "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" I found on Amazon very reasonable.
"Leap Year" starring Amy Adams, as a girl who follows her love to Ireland and is tricked into thinking its an Irish tradition for the ladies to pop the question on Leap Day!
Finian's Rainbow, music, rainbows, leprechauns, Fred Astaire and Petula Clark!
And not Ireland or Irish but we always enjoy the Gnome Mobile! Cute movie about a couple of children and their grandfather who take a trip to the California Redwood National Park and end up meeting some mischievous Gnomes! I think its a Disney movie? Catchy tunes!
AJ 5th Feb 2019 Activity Director

Plants with Animal Names Quiz

These are perfect for "call out the answer" type trivia, good for just before meals, while waiting for an entertainer, etc. Thanks for all the great quizzes!