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Memory Care Activities From Texas, United States

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TINA 11th Jun 2019 Memory Care Activities


Good Morning! I need feedback regarding a female resident who has attached to a married male resident (kissing, touching, tending to him, etc). He has the same name as her deceased husband. While his wife understands, she is still having great challenges tolerating the behavior. I and the care staff are all diligent in redirecting, but naturally we can't be with them every moment. The wife is completely devoted to her sweet husband, so she visits daily. He doesn't seem to reciprocate the female resident's gestures and advances, but he is such a gentleman so he is always kind. The wife is becoming increasingly distraught, so I would like to know if anyone has any long term success with managing the behavior. Thanks!
TINA 3rd Apr 2019 Memory Care Activities

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

Loved the outcome of this project. I have residents at varying stages so it worked well do have a few color the leaves one color with markers, while the others beautifully colored their own flowers. Ours too will be framed as a wonderful keepsake!!