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Jane 15th Aug 2019 Activity Director

Brain Games for Senior Care: What is Neurobics?

Here's a popular seated Neurobics I do which I call Tap-Claps. Everyone is facing me so they can see the rhythm I tap out with my hands on my lap / clap. Eg. Tap, tap, clap; tap, tap, clap. Residents imitate what I'm doing. Repeat a few times, then change it up. Eg. Tap,tap,tap,tap,clap,clap. I speak out what we're doing as we're doing it.
Jane 20th Jul 2019 Activity Director

Chair Exercises

Providence, what a creative & fun way to do exercises! Thanks for sharing; I can't wait to try this with my residents.
Jane 26th Feb 2019 Activity Director

Portable Activity Ideas to Reach Every Resident, Everyday

This is a great idea! Thank you. You could add some sports trading cards to the cart, depending on the season. Eg. Baseball cards in the spring.