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Jennifer 21st Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator


Oh good, I've been leaning the same way but wanted some other opinions before making a final decision. I was concerned also about staff over-relying on IN2L and missing out on opportunities to connect with our residents on a more personal level. I love the idea of using tablets and a WII!

Thank you.
Jennifer 20th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator



Has anyone heard of/used a program called It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L)? It’s a computer system full of games, reminiscing prompts, music, travel activities, etc. My company is thinking of getting it but isn’t sure if it’s worth the price. Does anyone use other technology/apps? I already use YouTube for reminiscing, travel activities, and singalongs, but I’d love to find more interactive games for my residents to supplement all the non-electronic activities we do.

Thank you!