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About Salena: I work as a development worker for the community companions project, part of Voluntary Action South Ayrshire. I recruit and train volunteers to support those over 55 who are socially isolated and lonely in South Ayrshire, Scotland. We offer 1-2-1 support, groups and are looking to introduce a car service too. I love my job. I also teach crochet in my spare time (left and right handed) and have just taught myself how to teach one handed crochet to those who have lost dexterity and can only use one hand.

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Salena 24th Apr 2019 Development Worker

3 Ways to Practise Mindfulness with the Elderly

Mindful body scan and seated meditation are a great activity. Something I will be doing with my clients for sure
Salena 24th Apr 2019 Development Worker

How to Practise Gratitude with a Five Minute Journal

I'm liking this a lot. I think I may do it with weekly social group, thank you for the idea
Salena 19th Mar 2019 Development Worker

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Molly thanks for a great article, I will be using this with my volunteers.

Although I don't work in a care home setting (I deliver a service aimed at those aged over 55, socially isolated and lonely) the same bias is very evident on occasion by clients and volunteers alike. In the wider society, the way in which some statutory Social Work/Care services promote 'day care' services creates a bias for the clients who think of it as a 'nanny service and I'm not mad yet', it's changing these preconceptions that can really makes a difference to people's lives. Thank you.

Salena 12th Mar 2019 Development Worker

The Magic of Being Silly

I definitely believe in laughter, as much for the clients as for the employees/volunteers. Like you say it is maintaining that balance of professionalism and having the chance to have a laugh and create a smile or two.

We always end up heartily laughing when we play balloon tennis, as the residents are sitting and whacking balloons around the room with myself and the volunteers running around to pick up the balloons and pass them back to them. Often they start off, no don't want to play, but then when we get started they all join in, even the quiet ones.
Salena 28th Feb 2019 Development Worker

Something Someone Somewhere

Hi Marnee, thank you for the feedback, it's lovely to hear how others get on with the activity
Salena 25th Feb 2019 Development Worker

Something Someone Somewhere

Hi Terrie, thank you for commenting, I hope you enjoy it.
Salena 13th Feb 2019 Development Worker

Something Someone Somewhere

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