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Kat 6th Jun 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Hi all. I am wondering what types of technology you are using in your facilities? Aside from Ipads, I am researching some technology for next years budget. I'm hoping to get a VR headset. Are there any programs or devices you use that are a bit more on the tech side? Already have a Wii as well.
Kat 29th Jan 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Hello! Wondering what everyone is planning for Mother’s Day!

Kat 29th Jan 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Arts and crafts that the seniors can help the kids with.

Reading time! Have some seniors volunteer to read a story to the kids.

Pizza party. Who doesn’t love pizza!?

Card making.

Cookie decorating.
Kat 12th Jan 2019 Life Enrichment Director


I am looking to start a Welcome Committee thats made up of abut 4-5 residents. Does anyone have something like this in place, and if so, how do you run in? I have volunteers ready to go, just trying to work out the details.
Kat 19th Nov 2018 Life Enrichment Director


What I do is ask for help from some of my high functioning residents.

Do you have residents that are very familiar with a game, that they could run on their own? For example, I have two residents that always play Bunco, they know all the rules and point system, and they have started playing on their own after dinner, led by one of two residents. Sometimes I ask them to run a Bunco game if I won’t be in or need help filling a hole.

Another resource is our musically talented residents. We have some residents that won’t mind playing the piano, leading a sing along or playing some other type of instrument.

Some residents also will lead trivia groups. We either give them a list of printed “finish the phrase” type trivia, or memory magic flash cards.

Calling on family members with talent is also helpful, not only to fill holes, but also for general programming!

Using travel videos, classic tv comedy shows (have a comedy hour), or exercise videos like Thai chi are also good ways to help.