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Karen 8th Mar 2019 Companion

Sensory Boxes & Other Ideas to Stimulate the Senses

Sounds like you make a lot of effort Pamela. Can I come? :) Just a wee note, results recently that artificial sugars are definitely bad for folks with or at risk of Alzheimer's. I spoke with the nurses where I have clients and she said that unless there are serious diabetes problems and they are being monitored, that a single ordinary candy is okay. It's all a bit screwy anyway. The people with diabetes are supposed to watch their sugar intake but everyone gets those fruit juices full of fructose and little else.
At least while they are having fun with your activities they aren't drinking fake cranberry juice. :)
I've never personally given rewards for anything, but I've seen some of the other rec folks offer rewards for games (ie: Bingo), sometimes sweets but sometimes these are very small seasonal decorations. Dollar store packages of mini trees or bells or shamrocks, or .... Of course, it depends on whether or not your folks are likely to put it in their mouths... When I first started I took this lovely lady in late dementia the first daffodil from my garden. She looked at it, smiled at me and bit into it! Ah well, she wasn't poisoned. it's an ongoing process of discovery. So much fun!
Karen 2nd Mar 2019 Companion

Sensory Boxes & Other Ideas to Stimulate the Senses

I've tried having a bowl of different coloured pompoms and coloured clothes pegs. the idea is to attempt to pick up a pompom the same colour as the peg. It has to be on a tray with a lip or in a bowl because the pompoms get away. I've discovered that having just a single peg on the table (I'm doing this as one-to-one) works much better, less distraction. Usually lots of laughs as the pom pom skitters away. The exercise doesn't work as well in the evening and works best with primary colours.
Also, with 4 people and 4 balls rolling around the table top in different directions, absolute involvement and laughter. Of course I was chasing the ones that went on the floor. People did get tired fairly soon so I just quickly put them away, except for one which seemed to have disappeared until we found it hidden, tightly squeezed, in a resident's hand. :)