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Lesley 9th Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator

The Price is Right - Australian Version

Im currently working on this doing a British version so once complete I will upload for all to see and do. This is a great game and im sure your residents got much enjoyment out of this.
Lesley 9th Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator

Twister Bean Bag Toss

I have done a similar activity to this;

The resident spun the dial and when it stopped at that colour they threw a bean bag and tried to land on the stated colour. Once this was completed they then had to answer a general knowledge question and we carried on until the people taking part had had a turn and then everyone wished another turn. Once finished the residents all had two jelly baby sweets each.
They then watched as three of our carers had a game of twister with much laughter coming from everyone.

Lesley 27th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

COPYRIGHT - Artist Impressions - Pilar Soriano

What a great idea. I will have an art class and discuss the painter and his history and then let my residents colour or paint at their leisure in one group.

Looking forward to doing this activity. Well done Golden Carers.

This site is invaluable to all Activity workers.
Lesley 12th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator

Nonsensical Sentences

A good conversation starter with these sentences. I'm sure my residents will enjoy x
Lesley 28th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator

Beatitudes for Friends of the Aged

What a lovely poem. I'm going to read it out loud to my residents. x