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Leisure And Life Style Officer From Tasmania, Australia

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Liz 3rd Apr 2020 Leisure And Life Style Officer

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

I ran a Leisure and Life Style department, yesterday we did, Special effect photos with our residents at the Grand Total cost of $4. I went to KMart and brought a $4 string of small LED lights ( Like the kind that you would put in a empty wine bottle to use outdoors )
I put aluminum foil on the wall ( about 2 meters is needed, needs to cover the whole head area in the photo), behind a chair sitting on a 45 degree angle, had our residents sit on the chair in a room with about 1/4 of the normal light level. I gently wrapped the LED lights around their heads and draped around their necks and then took photos with no flash. The low light means that the light from the LED's bounce off the Al foil and gives an awesome effect on the photo. We had a blast doing this and its so cheap! We then emailed the photos to their family members and got some great feed back from them.