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Jeanine 24th Sep 2020 Activity Director/Recreation Therapist

Arm Chair Travel with YouTube

We do the same, picking one country a month. One week we watch videos about the country (Top 10 sites, etc), the next week we do some kind of art project that relates to the art of that country, another week we have music or food related to the country and the 4th week is a different but specific thing to the country. The residents really like it!
Jeanine 28th Mar 2019 Activity Director/Recreation Therapist


I would suggest doing some sensory soothing activities. Quiet music in a room with essential oils, maybe some hand massages, coloring club (as others have suggested), chair yoga or chair chi, or some kind of sensory/like art project like clay or paper mache, or even a water color project. Definately something calm and soothing and low stim! Good luck!