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Rebecca 13th Nov 2019 Occupational Therapist


Will try it! Thanks!
Rebecca 12th Nov 2019 Occupational Therapist


Hi everyone!

*Residents in performing arts*

At the moment, our facility has a resident that used to perform in the theater doing plays, and we have been trying to get him to do activities but he refuses every single time. The other day, I asked him if he would be interested in reciting a part of a script with me, and surprisingly, he said yes!

So the idea would be to get a short script for two people, preferably between a male/male, or a not-too-romantic female/male haha.

If any of you know any play that would be good for this, please let me know!
Rebecca 18th Jul 2019 Occupational Therapist



The facility I work at will be having their 70th anniversary soon. If anyone has any ideas of crafts the residents can do to decorate the facility for this event, let me know!