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Freya 3rd Jan 2023 Activities Therapist


If you would like to save paper you could also look into activity pro an electronic program for activities professionals.
Freya 27th Oct 2021 Activities Therapist

The Anger Game

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Freya 26th Jan 2021 Activities Therapist


I work in a LTC facility on a unit with residents of varied ages... I do virtual visits with the residents and their loved ones because there is no in-person visitation. Hallway bingo, I bring the TV cart with the Wii and Xbox and let the residents play or watch a movie. I do creative arts in our hallways because there are no communal dining rooms open. I give out packets. Set the residents up on tablets with things of interest.. you could do a spa treatment individually. I would say start with a welcome package that includes a survey or when you do your initial assessment you can gage their interest.
Freya 12th Jun 2020 Activities Therapist


You could make fireworks with your population out of cardboard from the paper towel or toilet paper rolls. You’ll need red, blue, white construction paper, pipe cleaners, and star stickers. You can utilize the fireworks they create as centerpieces for your table on the day of your event. Patriotic sing-alongs and confetti poppers might be a good addition to your event. Typically we do a resident and family barbecue with entertainment since we’re still socially distancing and not allowing visitation, we’re brainstorming ideas. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I hope my ideas are helpful to you.
Freya 13th Mar 2019 Activities Therapist


Does anyone have any ideas on how to help a resident living in an LTC facility cope with the loss of a child. In all the years in the field, I've never had a resident lose a child before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Freya 12th Feb 2019 Activities Therapist


In years past we would have a brunch in our atrium for the mother’s and their family members. During brunch the mother’s would receive a #1 mom button and a bouquet of flowers.