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Nesha 30th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator

15 Ways to Practise Self Care and Avoid Burnout

This happened to me. No one told me what to do, just gave me a half full activity cupboard and said make posters, activity calendars and don't leave anyone out. It's really really stressful.

Golden carers is a god send. They have loads of quizzes that help get you talking. I start with a small table of people who sit colouring every day and just go through nursery rhymes. They love remembering them. Proverbs quizzes go down well too.

You'll get there. It's really difficult having absolutely no guidance and not enough staff but it's a very fullfilling job. Take your time, get to know your residents and you'll find your own way to do it.
Try not to take your work hone with you but if/when you do make sure you put it away an hour before bed and have some time for yourself. You can do this!!! Best of luck to you simmone. Xxxx
Nesha 21st Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator


Hello :) I've been working as an activities coordinator now for almost 3 months. I absolutely adore it and I'm slowly getting the hang of it.
My residents love crafts, quizzes music, CAKE and having new experiences.
Last week I booked a creepy crawly animal therapy session (zoolabuk are amazing), we had a company come in and do pottery painting, st Patrick's day we had a singer in and today we had a magician do rounds of the home and show us some close up magic.

Problem is I'm running out of funds fast. We have been doing raffles and that brings in quite a bit but I need something that helps me raise money weekly just to keep it topped up. Any ideas??
Nesha 21st Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator


Maybe try pom pom making as a way to do yarn crafts if knitting is too hard. It's an easy craft that doesn't require a lot of skill and you get a sensory ball at the end.
Also a bag of items with different textures and see if they can identify them. If that's too easy make it a challenge and time them and change the items in the bag regularly.
Nesha 19th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

My residents adore sayings quizzes. I can do it 3 times a day and they don't get bored. They are always so proud of how well they do.
I've even found that some don't join in at first but after being around the quiz a few times they start to join in and answer more every time.
Nesha 12th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator

15 Ways to Practise Self Care and Avoid Burnout

I think I'm hitting a burn put at the moment. I've been moody all weekend, unmotivated let week now my skin is dry and breaking out and I have ulcers in my mouth.
I've only been in the job 5 weeks.

I saw this email whilst I was making Valentine's activity packs earlier and decided to have a much needed night off. I had a bath, a face mask, a good movie and now I'm reading a chapter of my book with a hot drink before bed :)
Thankyou very much for the advice I will definetly be baring this in mind :)