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Linette 24th Oct 2019 Program Manager

Twister Bean Bag Toss

We do this also. I had my dementia group paint washers the colours of the dots. This way I can have a large group. I have two mats. They Get 5 points for getting it theirs but minus 2 points if they get it on any part of someone else's color. Boy do we have some serious competition.
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager

Stuff the Turkey Game

Can't wait to try this!
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Trivia and Facts

Thank - You!
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager

Rainbow Guided Meditation

I am going to try this with my woman's group. What do you think if I add a diffuser? Then have sweet lemon-orange water ready and turn it into a discussion group.
Linette 6th May 2019 Program Manager


Thank You Kim! Set mine up
Linette 19th Mar 2019 Program Manager


Great link and members will love the music. Thank you!