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Debra 14th May 2020


We have 2 rabbits male, female and at present 4 babies,
We clean the cage regularly, Our residents love cuddling the babies, I wrap them in a hand towel, so they don't scratch, So far all is good,, BUT you have to have their claws clipped if keeping inside, Vet bills, and they should be handled daily, both staff and residents are picking our up heaps of times during the day
We have ours in 2 rabbit cages on wheels, I put newspaper on the bottom and then oaten hay a container for pre made food, water and a plastic tray with kitty litter to train them for toileting
Residents and staff bring in grass, spinach, kale, apples bananas, so they are used to people
Debra 17th Dec 2019

End of Year Message 2023

Happy Christmas everyone and a safe New Year
Thank you for all the wonderful ideas I have tried over the past year with my residents,