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Susan 24th Dec 2019 Life Enrichment Director

Christmas or Any Holiday Wreaths

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Christmas (or any holiday) wreaths
Susan 15th Mar 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Thanks Susan! Very helpful!

PS I noticed there are a lot of Susan's that use Golden Carers. Susan's must be awesome carers! :D
Susan 14th Mar 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Looking for ideas for weekly church service.

We used to have an outside church come in, however they had an issue within their church and could no longer volunteer and reaching out to other churches has been unsuccessful.

Today we had a service lead by a caregiver, we started with music, she did a brief devotional then we ended with an activity surrounding the devotional.

This seemed to go smoothly, however was quite short. Any ideas on how to extend this to 45 minutes or so, any resources for devotionals?

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