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Jill 22nd Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


I have used some starter kits and the residents have enjoyed the mini green house from B and M bargains. It was a really good afternoon constructing it - it is very simple and effective.

We are working on an outside area - I am creating a sensory garden. Our maintenance manager constructed raised beds and we are growing herbs and veg.

I am also transferring roses from my own garden to the beds at the back of the house to try to recreate the Victorian feel to the garden.
Jill 10th Feb 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi Kirsty,
So sorry you are feeling burn out. Don't feel under pressure to be the big entertainer.
I do a lot of 1 to 1s currently. Manicures, reflexology, foot spas, I devise starter sheets for the morning, quizzes etc. The residents love the programme 'Lingo' which I have adapted for the lounges.
We have craft sessions where I sit and assist the group members. They help to create wall displays.
Hope you can make use of this info.
Jill 14th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator


I had a good activities morning with our residents. I typed out different poems for winter,in larger font, a mix of traditional, new and comical.
We had a 'read around' of each poem and a short commentary on each.
I then introduced the word SNOW and asked the residents to use the five senses to devise their own short poems or words based on the letters. I used a white board and marker to note down ideas.
It suited all abilities and was non threatening but challenging to residents who wanted to have a go.
They loved the poetry of Spike Milligan.
It was a brilliant morning and equally beneficial as I had an observation too today, with excellent feedback.
Jill 7th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator


Our residents (long term) are two metres apart.
Our nursing manager designed they layout of the room.
Do you have the same Gigi?
Jill 31st Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator


My residents have suggested that we run a regular friendship group to gather in the lounges. They want to share poems, stories, something light hearted.
Our residents want to run the group themselves and I will facilitate.
Will keep you posted to how it develops.
Jill 28th Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator


Due to not having any entertainers in we decided to do two services.
The Light for a Life on the 22nd Dec involved writing messages to loved ones on paper angels for our tree and the residents each did a Christmas themed poetry reading with carols.
On the 24th Dec we had our own carol service, a similar format with the residents doing their own short of winter poem readings and Carols.
I set up a table and candles to set the scene. It was such a nice thing to do to make them feel involved.
We have two lounges so the service was repeated in the afternoon. I baked two Christmas cakes and served that with afternoon tea.
It was brilliant to do and our manager filmed the services and put it on our family app.
Another idea we started this season was to create artwork for the residents and visitor meeting area.
It not only gives a real focus in crafts but also cheers everyone up in these difficult times.
Jill 22nd Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

How to Plan for the Festive Season in the Midst of the Pandemic

For our Christmas activities the staff and residents are setting up a choir. We have CDs and sheet music to help us.
Some of our residents will be performing a selection of Christmas poetry at our events.
Jill 24th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi Everyone,
With lock down continuing for the rest of this year I am starting to do my planning for Christmas.
My husband and I usually have costumes for Christmas day.
With no visitors or entertainers coming in what are other Activities Cordinators planning?
My team are very reserved and don't like getting into role.
Any ideas would be gratefully received!
Jill 10th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator


I have consistently used the Golden Carers resources in my role as Activities Cordinator in a residential and nursing home.
During lock down it has been a particularly invaluable support for my activities.
The residents have really enjoyed the armchair travel for our cruise weeks. I also provide spa treatments too.

I have highly recommended Golden Carers to my friend in Day Services.
Jill 9th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator

Words in Words Game

We too in lock down. We are currently on a nine week arm chair cruise, the company have asked all homes to do it.
It was quite daunting at first but a weekly theme has given me some nice projects to work on.
There are some great ideas on Golden Carers for countries.
I also incorporate foot spas, pedicures, manicures, quizzes.