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Jill 22nd Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

How to Plan for the Festive Season in the Midst of the Pandemic

For our Christmas activities the staff and residents are setting up a choir. We have CDs and sheet music to help us.
Some of our residents will be performing a selection of Christmas poetry at our events.
Jill 24th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi Everyone,
With lock down continuing for the rest of this year I am starting to do my planning for Christmas.
My husband and I usually have costumes for Christmas day.
With no visitors or entertainers coming in what are other Activities Cordinators planning?
My team are very reserved and don't like getting into role.
Any ideas would be gratefully received!
Jill 10th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator


I have consistently used the Golden Carers resources in my role as Activities Cordinator in a residential and nursing home.
During lock down it has been a particularly invaluable support for my activities.
The residents have really enjoyed the armchair travel for our cruise weeks. I also provide spa treatments too.

I have highly recommended Golden Carers to my friend in Day Services.
Jill 9th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator

Words in Words Game

We too in lock down. We are currently on a nine week arm chair cruise, the company have asked all homes to do it.
It was quite daunting at first but a weekly theme has given me some nice projects to work on.
There are some great ideas on Golden Carers for countries.
I also incorporate foot spas, pedicures, manicures, quizzes.
Jill 28th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

Bringing Art to Life in Your Community

We made contact with a local wool and textile shop. They have ex-demonstration pictures that they donated for a small amount. I purchased glass beads to embellish the black work of flowers.
I noticed how fascinated the residents were with the textile pictures and how confidently they worked within a set pattern.
I plan to produce some simple tapestry designs that they will be able to work with, adding detail.