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Debbie 13th May 2019 Activity Director

D-Day Word Search

I love the bigger word search, the smaller ones are difficult to see your eyes start to go buggy. Just to small font.
Debbie 18th Apr 2019 Activity Director


Net Flix is a great way to show movies.

I also use my own personal dvd's I bring from home and put them into my lab top and show them on a big screen along with popcorn of course! I use the input on the computer to plug into a pa system for sound and use a projector. it works really well. No big screen if you have a projector just show on a wall.
You can put net flix on your computer as well so you can project movies onto a wall or screen that way also.
Debbie 11th Apr 2019 Activity Director


You are welcome Susan
Debbie 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director


I went on u tube and found Sherry Zak Morris, uplifting music, simple exercises its yoga seated in the chair, the ones we used before got boring, she is really good, I even exercise to her at my home. Have a awesome time, people will really like the music!
Debbie 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

I am an activity director at an adult day center, we have people for 4 to 8 hours with different stages of dementia, we play many activities we stay busy all day really no down time , I go through alot of different games. Also would like some arts and craft ideas some need to be simple yet not to simple for higher functioning clients. Thanks
Debbie 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director

Book Fruit Salad

I need a bit more info on how this is played pkease!
Debbie 9th Apr 2019 Activity Director

Egg Carton Bingo

Yes I would like photo of egg cup board also.
Debbie 4th Apr 2019 Activity Director

Friendship Afternoon

Can I get your bread recipe?
Debbie 4th Apr 2019 Activity Director

Pie Taquitos

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Pie Taquitos
Debbie 2nd Apr 2019 Activity Director

Play Dough Crafts

How much dough does it make ! Enough for 3 or 4 people or is this recipe just for person?