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Liz 8th Jun 2019 Activities Cordinator

Words starting with Con

Residents just loved this, I can see their brains ticking... They really get a chance to exercise the grey matter! One resident in particular loves the engagement as she has very poor site, but excels with this quiz.
Liz 26th May 2019 Activities Cordinator


Thank you for the quiz's and riddles. They have been a godsend for the groups, but also for those who don't like to venture out of their rooms! We have a leader board and the residents are very competitive. WELL DONE!!
Liz 6th May 2019 Activities Cordinator

Rhyming Riddles #7

This was a huge hit on the dementia unit, concentration levels were high.. So lovely to have such resources on hand. BIG thank you to you all at GC
Liz 25th Apr 2019 Activities Cordinator

Famous Faces Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Famous Faces Quiz
Liz 10th Apr 2019 Activities Cordinator

Words starting with O Quiz

Love this and can't wait to use it..