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Gina 24th Dec 2019 Activity Coordinator

End of Year Message 2019

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Golden Carers and all the wonderful people who give input and ideas. This has been so helpful and my residents love the activities. So from my clients and myself, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Gina
Gina 4th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator

Laughing Together - Five Activities to Get Residents Smiling

I started the Laughing Basket. Everyone gets an item out and wears it, or it may be a toy, or just a funny item. I have extra large crazy glasses, jacks, clown noses, rubber chicken finger sling shots, emoji stress ball, bubbles, etc. They seem to really enjoy the items.
Gina 4th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator


Hi Mary, I have a small exercise group that loves to exercise to fun songs. We row to "Row Row Row your boat" or pretend to ride a bike to the fun song of "Bicycle built for two". So its more fun and they don't think about the exercise. I also started a monthly drawing and whenever they come to my avtivities they get their name in a basket. At the end of the month A winner will be drawn. ( They love prizes)
Also, a small dnce group, even chair dancing is fun. Hope this helps!
Gina 18th May 2019 Activity Coordinator

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

love the article on exercises for the elderly. I'm getting ready to start a chair yoga class and love all the pointers!!
Gina 26th Apr 2019 Activity Coordinator


I have had a lot of compliments from different clients on the activity sheets I share with them. I am new to this website but so excited.. Thanks! you're making my job so much fun!!