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Health Care Assistant From Leinster, Ireland

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Maria 21st Dec 2019 Health Care Assistant

End of Year Message 2023

Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year to everyone and thank you for all the wonderful activities. Lovely site to be part of. Many blessings to you all Maria xxx
Maria 25th Sep 2019 Health Care Assistant

Heart of Kindness

I am a health care assistant and i work in a day hospital as an activity co-ordinator. I joined this web site in may and i have to say i think it is brilliant. The heart of kindness is just a brilliant activity to do over a period of three to four weeks. We did ours by using crepe paper rolling it up into small balls and gluing them onto paper. we stuck all of the pieces together onto a black background we put red crepe paper onto the edges of the heart and filled all of the white spaces in with different colours it turned out lovely. we found this a great group activity for reminiscing and it was very therapeutic. All in all every patient and staff found this activity wonderful. Thank you Golden carers keep up the great work. Well Done.