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Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator From Victoria, Australia

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Vivian 13th Jan 2023 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Name, Surname, Animal, Town! Game

We do something similar we call it the alphabet quiz 6 categorizes girls /boys names, food , animals/insects, town,country. Our residents love it keeps there minds active, this activity can take more than an hour as it creates so much conversation.
Vivian 29th Dec 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

New Year Traditions From Around the World

I love to try new ideas, residents comment on how they enjoy keeping busy and doing activities they thought they could never have achieved or tried when they lived at home.
Thank you for the ideas
Vivian 18th Nov 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Christmas Bingo

wow this will be great to use in December, thanks very much.
I will use Christmas themed gifts as prizes.
Vivian 30th Aug 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Australian Quiz #5

Thank you so much we are doing armchair travel of Australia and this information will be perfect.
Vivian 6th Feb 2020 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Armchair Travel To Greece

Thank you this will be our next destination. We went to Spain last year
Vivian 3rd Jan 2020 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

What's In the Bag

I have done this with items to smell , fresh lavender, a mixture of herbs, lemon rind, clove of garlic and an onion we had some great and weird answers which created lots of laughs.
Vivian 16th Oct 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Ring Toss

This is such a good idea as when we play quoits some residents feel they are too heavy to throw.
Vivian 4th Sep 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

An Orchard of Trivia

We have our apple day in November but I will use this extra info then. Thanks heaps